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THIS IS A VERY SHORT PROTOTYPE. LIKE A DEMO. In Starship Saboteur, you sneak onto spaceships and break everything to stop an intergalactic war between three factions. This level is set aboard the Magellan, a huge Celestial Collective starship. You will infiltrate a starship and make your way using either stealth or your weapons to take out your targets. Starship Saboteur Prototype was made in just 16 weeks. Tell us how you like it and if we should work on it some more! It contains a single level of the game with just some of the features we are planning.


  • 🔶 Sneak aboard the Magellan, a huge starship full of things to sabotage!
  • 👁‍🗨 Play your way! Go stealth or kill everybody, we won't judge you!
  • 🔫 Eight weapons and four gadgets!
  • 💥 Break windows to make people fly out to space!
  • 🤖 Cause an enemy faction to board and do your work for you!
  • 🐛 A lot of bugs and unfinished features, since it's just a prototype!

End a galactic war by picking the losing side

You are the Starship Saboteur, and together with your crew you must end a galactic war by taking down massive starships from within. Buy your arsenal from the Black Market and use your cunning or your trigger finger to either take down targets unseen or cause chaos aboard unique spaceships full of challenge and opportunity.

After a catastrophic event kills your friends and destroys your starship, you decide to end the war between factions by any means necessary. Gathering a motley crew of misfits, you patch together your old ship. The Scrapheap and its crew is focused on a singular goal: taking out the war machines fueling the galactic conflict from within.

Inspired by stealth game classics such as Hitman and Deus Ex, while paying homage to Hotline Miami and similar topdown shoot’em’ups for a perfect blend of stealth, action and player choice.

Install instructions

System requirements: i5 or equivalent, GTX1060 or equivalent graphics card.


StarshipSaboteurPrototype.zip 293 MB


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Definitely has potential. Opening airlocks and using black hole grenades are the most fun things. :)

Very entertaining game.

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i think is good idea

Will there be Procedural Generation in the full game?

We were thinking of scrambling the rooms but keeping the starship layout the same, this way it introduces a bit of randomization instead of having to completely go in blind each time you play. Keep in mind we are planning over 50 levels in total, which means that you only get to play 1/3 of them at once thanks to the faction system - already encouraging replayability!